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March 2022

Our manuscript, “Evaluation of electroencephalography biomarkers for Angelman syndrome during overnight sleep,” was published in Autism Research. This study was led by Yuval Levin and Nishu Hosamane in collaboration with Dr. Zheng Fan from the UNC Sleep Disorders Center.

The goal of this study was to assess the ideal conditions to detect EEG biomarkers for Angelman syndrome (AS), in order to inform ongoing and upcoming clinical trials. We quantified overnight EEGs in AS and age and sex-matched neurotypical and Down syndrome controls. Delta EEG rhythms were increased in AS during wake and during all stages of overnight sleep. However, overnight sleep did not provide additional benefit over periods of wake for detecting increased delta. Abnormal sleep spindles were not reliably detected in AS, suggesting that delta rhythms represent a more reliable biomarker. Overall, we conclude that periods of wakefulness are sufficient, and perhaps ideal, to quantify delta EEG rhythms for use as AS biomarkers.

Welcome to the lab, Ayse Malci! Ayse earned her PhD from the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology in Magdeburg, Germany and joins us as a postdoc.

January 2022
Welcome to the lab, Sunny Muthuswami! Sunny is a junior Psychology major at the University of Maryland.

November 2021
Welcome to the lab, Caleigh Guoynes! Caleigh earned her PhD in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin and joins us as a postdoc.

October 2021
Welcome to the lab, Sapphire Bowen-Kauth! Sapphire is a senior Biology major at Howard.

June 2021
Welcome to the lab, Alex Grosman and Shrujana Kunnam! Alex and Shrujana are rising seniors at Blair High School in Silver Spring.

Welcome to three new undergrads from three new universities! Zahraa Hotait is a Human Science major at Georgetown, Devante Kerr is a Biology major at Howard, and Anna Youngkin is a Neuroscience major at Duke.

April 2021
Congratulations to Yuval Levin for being selected for a Health Services Scholarship from GWU SMHS!

Congratulations to Julie Cooper for being selected for a Maryland Summer Scholars research award!

The lab was awarded a two-year grant, entitled “Phenotyping mouse models of Angelman syndrome using multidimensional behavioral clustering.” We are thankful to the Angelman Syndrome Foundation for their support!

December 2020
Welcome to the lab, David Diep! David is a sophomore Physiology & Neurobiology major at the University of Maryland.

September 2020
Our manuscript, “Visual sequences drive experience-dependent plasticity in mouse anterior cingulate cortex,” was published at Cell Reports!

Welcome to the lab, Julie Cooper! Julie is a junior Neuroscience major at the University of Maryland.

August 2020
Children’s National has moved to Phase 2 of re-opening. Research labs can now operate at up to 50% capacity.

Welcome to the lab to three new undergraduates from the University of Maryland (Grishma Patel, Nishu Hosamane, Katherine Gourianova)! 🐢 🐢 🐢

July 2020
Welcome to the lab, Joseph Tanas! Joseph just graduated from UNC with a degree in biomedical engineering and will be working as a technician.

June 2020
Welcome to the lab, Yichi Zhang and Joseph Zenick! Yichi and Joseph are rising seniors at Blair High School in Silver Spring and will be working remotely this summer.

May 2020
Welcome to the lab, Yuval Levin! Yuval is entering medical school this fall at GW SMHS.

Welcome to the lab, Taylor McNair! Taylor is a rising senior biology major at UNC-Chapel Hill working remotely this summer.

April 2020
We are now able to host graduate students through the Neuroscience and Cognitive Science (NACS) Ph.D. program at the University of Maryland! This program matches incoming students with advisors prior to admission – applicants for November 2020 should please reach out by email if interested in the lab.

March 2020
Hello world! The lab website is up and running.